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Angels are all around us, loving us, supporting us, guiding us. Like our own spiritual cheerleaders! 

They love communicating with us and one way is with angel numbers.

Angel numbers are divine signs from above and a special way to receive messages from your angels. Think of them as little winks from above.  If you are wondering, “what are my angel numbers?” try to think back on any patterns you have seen or a time you see every time you check your phone, you look at the time on your microwave or even how many emails you have sitting on your inbox

Here some Angel numbers meanings:

111: Highly manifesting frequency, the time is now (Intuition)

222: Shine your light (Alignment)

333: Blessing on your way (Support)

444: Angels are with you (Protection)

555: Time of advancement, things are underway (Change)

666: Take time to look back (Reflect)

777: Good things are coming (Luck)

888: Balance

999: Let it go (Release)

Now if you don’t remember what they all mean, when you see an angel number and a special pattern just know that your angels are “winking” at you and letting you know how much they love you!

Little Words Projects’ angel numbers collection is the perfect way to tap into the divine world and to keep an open mind and heart that welcomes angelic protection and love in your life. Wear a number sequence that you see all of the time to show that you are embracing it and appreciating the symbols that have already come your way. Or, start wearing a new sequence of numbers that represents a feeling or goal that you are desiring to achieve. 

Angels truly are everywhere; it’s just our role to get to know them and learn how to recognize them. Most people will have 4-6 angels from the time they are born and it is critical to use our vibes, senses, and symbols to interact with them. 

Communicating with our angels is sacred and a beautiful way to connect with family and friends who have crossed over. This communication allows our relationships to never truly end. The best ways to communicate with your angels is to always ask and tell them to come over, to purposefully cultivate playful and joyful vibes, and establish boundaries. Angels love having their presence recognized and some fun ways to interact with them is to light a candle and set an intention, utilize tarot cards and ask a question, write them a letter, and pick a sign or symbol. 

Growing closer with your angels truly is an on-going process so there are some simple, but important ways to maintain these relationships. You can find a number sequence, find a song that gives you goosebumps, pay attention to your surroundings, think critically about your dreams, and trust your intuition.I can’t wait to see which angel number speaks to you and I hope you embrace it with your very own Little Words Project Angel bracelet-I know I will!

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